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PDO organic wines
Côtes du Roussillon and Côtes catalanes

des trois orris

Facing the Canigou mountain, in the cool air of a 600 meter-high plateau, three orris are enthroned in the heart of an isolated domaine nested in a preserved nature. To each stone its place, delicately assembled to preserve the balance of the vaulted structure, in order to shade the shepherds and their cheeses in its freshness. The orris stand the passage of time and remind us of this perfect symbiosis between vegetal, mineral, animal and mankind.
These dry stone shelters, typical of Catalan plateaus, symbolize the Domaine des Trois Orris’ philosophy: to establish a perfect balance between Nature and the work of Man.

Discover the multiple facets of our wines

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With passion and humility we live with the rhythm of Nature and its changes to give our plants time to produce ripe and concentrated berries, in order to give our wines, after a meticulous ageing, an unique character and lusciousness.
Frank and balanced, the Domaine’s wines invite us to moments of sharing, to freedom and to gastronomy and are sublimated by Time.

Listening to the Earth

domaine trois orris separateur
By preserving the plots’ natural balance, respecting organic farming and keeping yields low, the domaine’s team cultivates a constant search for authenticity and balance in their wines.
After having fallen in love with the rocky slopes of schist and granitic sands, with the vista of the Canigou mountain and with the local winegrowing culture, the wine-loving brothers Cyrille and Xavier, have decide to turn back to their origins by buying from Joep Grael this superb 13-hectare domain of grapevines plots surrounded by 43 hectares of preserved lands in 2016.

Discover the Domaine’s wines

Committed to a rigorous qualitative process, we boast of obtaining low yields from our grapevines.
We shape authentic wines. Discover our range of wines from organically farmed grapes.

Discovery box
IGP Côtes Catalanes, AOC Cotes du Roussillon

Box including a mix of our best vintages. Ideal for a gift to discover your favorite domain, or simply for the curious.
Available in red (Origine, Horizon and Euphorie) or white (A Fortiori, Horizon and Euphorie).

A fortiori
IGP Côtes Catalanes

A cuvée bearing an elegance inherited from its terroir that transcends the palate with its subtle balance between sweetness and acidity. ‘A Fortiori’ honors the Côtes Catalanes, its terroir.

IGP Côtes Catalanes

Discover ‘Origine’ and the richness of our terroir for a small price. A singular wine full of character!

AOP Côtes du Roussillon

‘Horizon’, a great richness transcending the senses with its balance and delicacy. This cuvée is a wine with character revealing all the power of the terroir it comes from.

AOP Côtes du Roussillon

The terroir of Roussillon is fully expressed by this cuvée. A wonderful and delicate balance between elegance and character. ‘Euphorie’ represents the best of the Domaine des Trois Orris.

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Dreams and mysteries

domaine trois orris separateur

Empty your mind. Exalt your senses. Behold Nature. Just be happy.
Nature makes a jewel case of preserved beauty, in which the Domaine des Trois Orris’ grapevines thrive, and invites its hosts to contemplation and the joy of feeling free.
In here Mother Nature tolerates the presence of Man, graciously offering her infinite bounty, but She demands true abnegation and deep respect.
The wines born of the Domaine des Trois Orris’ rocky slopes, nested on the heights of Roussillon, reflect the mysterious alchemy between passing Time, the unpredictables surrounding elements of Nature and Man’s passion dedicating body and soul to the task.
From this harmonious relation with an exceptional terroir, cuvées are born that each reveal a very typical character,marked by the seal of elegance, delicacy and aromatic richness.
Our secret ambition is that each time you drink the crus from the Domaine des Trois Orris you feel a bit of the magic of the places they are grown in, in all humility.

Reach for the essential, the authenticity, happiness…
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Domaine des trois orris
Route de Marcevol
66320 Tarerach
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L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération. Vente interdite aux mineurs.
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